This article is about cookies, the prize rarely handed out at elimination. If you were looking for Cookie, one of the ten recommended characters who debuted in Episode 5.5, click here.

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Cookies- keep away from MePhone.

Cookies are the main prize given to safe contestants at elimination.


Cookies, or any prize for that matter, represent the characters' safety on the show and the character who does not receive a cookie will be automatically eliminated, and will be sent to Idiotic Islandnever come back, although that last part has been proven to be false, as Paper returned during the competition.

Cookies were first given out in A Lemony Lesson as treats to the safe contestants. However, in The Arena Of Death, Lightbulb asked for cookies, but MePhone4 reverted this and changed the prize to pencils.

MePhone4 began the "fat slob" gag in The Stacker, as he first announced he had cookies, but was a "fat slob" and ate them. Because of this, for many episodes onwards, other prizes were given out in subsitution to the cookies.


OJ eats the real cookie.


  • Pickle, Lightbulb and OJ are the only contestants to be seen eating a cookie. However, Pickle's cookie was poisoned by MePhone4S, and therefore was not a real cookie, while OJ's was real, and therefore, OJ and Lightbulb are the only contestants to eat a real cookie.
  • According to OJ, MePhone4's cookies taste like crap.
  • MePhone4 is a fat-slob, so he eats cookies.
  • MePhone4 is seen many times with a cookie in his hand.
  • Lightbulb is the only one who likes oatmeal raisin cookies.

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