Tissues OJ Condishawn

Tissues' Condishawn causes him to sneeze on unlucky people, such as OJ.

The Condishawn (also spelled as CondiShAWn or CondiSHAWN), or simply known as Condition, is a disease or sickness that is infecting Tissues.


The Condishawn gets its name from the one it constantly infects: Tissues. MePhone4, at one point, refers to it as the Condishawn as well, using the same pronunciation. However, after MePhone4 pronounced it as "condition", Test Tube corrected him, stating its correct terminology as "condishawn".


The only confirmed way the Condishawn travels is through snot, particularly Tissues'. However, the Condishawn is shown not to infect all who come in direct contact with the mucus, as Tissues has sneezed on multiple people, though only MePhone4 has been seen infected.

Symptoms of The Condishawn

The Condishawn causes the infected victim to sneeze uncontrollably, sometimes strong enough to launch them airborne. The infected also experience tiredness and debilitation, as well as slurred speech. For electronic characters, MePhone4 in particular, the effects of the Condishawn are different. Instead of sneezing, the victim rather experiences very severe glitching and electronic bursts. The condishawn also makes the victim get slight anger issues, seen after Knife said he looked worse than usual, as well as stubbornness and laziness. The condishawn will eventually become strong enough to shut down the victim, after a huge glitch spasm. The victim will also sound wheezy and have eye bags.


While there is no known cure for the Condishawn, but a possible remedy for electronic victims is replace the battery. Like MePhone4 was able to be cured after a battery replacement after the battery shorted out when Lightbulb threw soy sauce on him causing MePhone mega glitch.


Victims of the Condishawn.