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        The Cherries, labeled The Twins are male competitors in Inanimate Insanity II. They were placed in Team Bright Lights.


The Cherries are Siamese twins who share their brain, making them technically one person in two bodies. Because of this, the two cherries have the same thoughts and opinions. The Cherries have a similarity to children, as they are usually a kindhearted and compassionate duo, although they have a love for pranking people, and put on shows and acts in miniature to draw attention. However, the Cherries are very acrimonious and vindictive as well, knocking Marshmallow to Mars for simply ruining their act, and furthermore, blaming the dilemma on Box. Action wise, the Cherries will normally speak respectively, as one may talk after the other to complete a sentence. In some occasions, one Cherry will pantomime (act out) while the other Cherry talks. The Cherries have also shown to be very experienced and adept mask crafters, creating masks of various characters.

Official Site Bio

Cherries are two little twins connected at the stem. Although they are two different people, they share the same brain, really making them the same person trapped in two different bodies. They always have the same opinion on anything. However, their pleasure for pranking gets out of hand and can hurt the others around them, despite them not meaning to take it as far as they do.

—Inanimate Insanity Site


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Voice Actors

  • Derek Napolitano (US/UK/AU/CAN)
  • Giulia (Italy)


  • The Cherries are a very unique character, as they:
    • ... are the only character to have two separate bodies in their assets.
    • ... are the only character who has a person in two bodies.
  • Cherries was revealed to be, which was found on the Best of Cherries video after someone asked what the Cherries said when Yang pushed them into the Rejection Portal, which was answered by AnimationEpic as '"Long Live The Maraschinos".
  • The original assets for the Cherries are physically incorrect, as the mark of specular light and shadow appear on the same side.
  • There is another competitor in Object Overload, a series of XanyLeaves, which are also cherries.
    • This character, however, is very different from the Inanimate Insanity Cherries, as the Object Overload Cherries are two separate people who hate each other (similar to Yin-Yang), rather than one person in two bodies. Object Overload Cherries are different gendered contestants, while Inanimate Insanity II Cherries are both male.
  • While the Cherries are seen as two people, they are counted as a single person by the standards of Inanimate Insanity, like the Cherries is accounted for as a competitor. Similar to Yin-Yang.
  • The Cherries can be seen as the opposite of Yin-Yang, due to Yin-Yang are two people stuck together in one body, and the Cherries is a person trapped in two bodies.
    • They also get along well with each other, while Yin and Yang do not.
  • Typically, the left cherry speaks more than the right cherry, while the right cherry pantomimes what the left cherry says.
  • Cherries is the only Season 2 Novice to be voiced by Derek Napolitano.
    • However, Box is credited as being voiced by Derek Napolitano, although Box normally has no voice.
  • The Cherries received the third highest number of votes for elimination, with Puffball from BFDIA receiving the most votes, with 1,455 dislikes, and Trophy receiving the most votes with 1945. However, the Cherries' records were beaten by Box with 1,442 votes, and again by Yin-Yang with 1,859 votes and yet again by Apple with 2045 votes, yet again by Cheesy with 2605 votes, and yet again by Soap with 2663 votes. All of this means the Cherries currently received the seventh highest number of votes.
  • Cherries are the first rookie in season 2 to speak.
  • He is the first new contestant on Inanimate Insanity II to be referred to by name by Toilet.
  • He is one of the two male contestants who have a high-pitched voice, the other is Balloon.


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