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That wasn't a bright thing to say! Ha ha! Get it?

Breaking The Ice


        Cheesy, labeled The Cheesy Jokester, was a minor character on Inanimate Insanity and a contestant on Inanimate Insanity II. He first appears in a commercial advertising CheeseCraft.


Cheesy is a happy go-lucky joker who will constantly crack jokes on almost anything he can which makes him a comedian. Occasionally, rather than making jokes, Cheesy will slap his knee as a "knee-slapper", or do both each second. He has shown to be very dedicated to making these jokes, running long distances, cutting in eliminations, and even at the brink of death to make his jokes known. He has also shown to be very sensitive about his jokes, and acts violently towards anyone who says they're not funny. As the series progressed, his jokes became more obnoxious, and they were all leaning towards Microphone, which caused his elimination. When he was eliminated, he learned that humor isn't entirely made up of puns. 


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Official Site Bio

"Cheesy is a huge jokester, but sometimes his jokes come off as being a bit too "cheesy." His terrible jokes and puns annoy some of his fellow contestants, and also make some giggle in joy. He's a happy-go-lucky guy that just wants to have a good laugh."

Voice Actors

  • Aaron Shapiro (UK/US)
  • Marco Bonomo (Italy)


  • Cheesy's name is intentionally spelled incorrectly, possibly for the reason that he may tell some "cheesy" jokes.
    • Furthermore, Cheesy is the only character to have a "y" at the end of his name that is not part of the object that he is.
  • Cheesy is the only character to be voiced by Aaron Shapiro.
  • Cheesy's character design slightly altered in Inanimate Insanity II, as his color scheme changed, and he gained another hole on his left side.
  • In the Cheesy Teaser Trailer, Nickel said that Cheesy wasn't "revealed yet". This led up to his arrival in Inanimate Insanity II.
  • As mentioned in Joseph H's first Overanalyzation video, Cheesy is inferred to be Swiss cheese, but this is most likely incorrect, as Swiss cheese is rather white, and Cheesy is yellow. It is believed that Cheesy is Maasdam Cheese, a Dutch cheese.
  • As mentioned in the Inanimate Insanity Secrets video, Cheesy and Balloon weren't originally going to be in Season 2. But he joins to gain a new character as "The Jokester"
  • Cheesy was not a jokester when first seen in the "CheeseCraft" commerical, but he became one when he first joined Season 2.
  • The IP for "CheeseCraft" is "". Also known as "". UPDATE: It's back up again
  • Cheesy shares many similarities with Yellow Face from BFDIA:
    • Both are yellow.
    • Both had commercials in the first season of their respective shows.
    • Both became contestants in the second season of their respective shows.
  • Cheesy got the most votes ever in any object show at 2,605 votes, also beating Apple's previous record.
    • Cheesy surpassed the total amount of votes for Marsh on Mars, with it being 2,498 (by 107).
      • Though Adam posted on Facebook that his record would be broken in episode 9. Soap ended up being the one who broke the record, at 2,663 votes, just 58 more than Cheesy's votes.


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