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Lightbulb and Marshmallow find themselves surrounded.

The Cave Monsters are minor characters on Inanimate Insanity that appeared in Sugar Rush.

Though not fully seen, they are depicted as having red eyes that glow in the dark cave they live in, and that at least one has two giant purple arms with pointy fingers.


In Sugar Rush, Lightbulb discovered a cave that she believes will have heaps of candy. Once inside, she and Marshmallow walk though until multiple pairs of red eyes belonging to the monsters appear and scare them out. Lightbulb escapes, but Marshmallow trips at the entrance of the cave, and is dragged back in by one of the monster's purple arms. Later, Marshmallow is dropped out of the cave, with many bite-marks, but with a bag filled with candy (supposedly as an apology).

Marshmallow gets caught

Marshmallow is captured.


  • The Cave Monsters are the only monsters known on the island, but haven't been fully seen.
    • Tyler Bungard can possibly be one of these monsters, as he was originally seen with clawed hands, though it is not confirmed.
    • The Cave Monsters may been based off of the Grue.

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