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O-o-o-o-okay, th-th-th-that was kinda harsh.

A Lemony Lesson


       Bomb, labeled The Speech Disorder, was a male contestant on Inanimate Insanity, who was also a member on Team Chickenleg, He didn't compete on Inanimate Insanity II, but remains in Hotel OJ.


Bomb has a speech disorder, causing him to stutter a lot and ends up with people thinking he's weird and fanatical. But deep inside, Bomb seems to have a warm-heart inside, just doesn't know how to express it, (quite literally.)

Although seemingly nice, he does show some of a backstabbing attitude evident in Double Digit Desert, he betrayed OJ so he can claim his prize, resulting in his elimination some episodes later. He makes up for it to show some friendships with the tougher contestants who are really hard to become friends with, (e.g.: Knife.)


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  • Running gag: Bomb explodes when he collides with numerous objects.
    • His explosions have usually either helped or messed up challenges.
  • Bomb's speech disorder has commonly been mistaken for Tourette's syndrome, however, Bomb has not been known for shouting out random words, but rather stuttering on many words.
  • Bomb has been shown multiple times with a strange face, compared to the others.
  • Bomb is one of two contestants to be eliminated in a fake episode.
    • However, Bomb was still eliminated in the real version of the fake episode.
  • Bomb's dialogue was subtitled in the first episode he spoke in, but subtitles were abandoned in all of his later appearances for no appearent reason.
  • There is a character on BFDIA (who also tried to join BFDI) called Bomby, however, he has no relation to Bomb.
  • Bomb is often accused of being copied off of Battle for Dream Island (Again).
  • Bomb's fuse was moved in the character update.
  • Bomb is the first character to be confirmed not to appear in Season 2.
  • Bomb is the lowest ranking male to not make it into Inanimate Insanity II.
  • Bomb received repeated lines in Season 2.


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