This page focuses on the interactions of Balloon and Suitcase.


Suitcase is one of the few contestants who likes and respects Balloon. The two have a close friendship characterized by mutual support.

Episodes Suggesting a Conflict

In Let 'Er R.I.P., Suitcase yells at Balloon for being manipulative last season and Balloon says he thought that's how he wins in a reality show like Inanimate Insanity.

Episodes Suggesting a Friendship

In Breaking the Ice, they were placed on the same team, the Grand Slams.

In Marsh on Mars, Suitcase tells Balloon that he could help build the rocket. Later, Balloon asks if he could go to Mars with his team. Baseball declines this but Suitcase pleads for him, saying that Balloon only wants to redeem himself. Suitcase, being a pushover, of course gets the answer yes.


In Tri Your Best, Suitcase suggests that Balloon should compete in the triathalon, but Balloon declines himself.

In Cooking For The Grater Good, Suitcase tells Balloon he could come with her to get flour (actually a flower).

In Let 'Er R.I.P., Suitcase is happy when Balloon says they will go together. In the Mansion they were both scared by Nickel's story and run away together. After running away, they were both sitting on front of the wall together. At one point, Balloon confesses why he was a jerk last season, and Suitcase tells him that she will always be by his side.

In Everything's A-OJ, after Suitcase's undeserved elimination by OJ, Balloon tells MePhone4 that OJ wrongly eliminated her just because he felt like it, which compels MePhone to bring her back into the game.


You just need to believe in what you say.

In Rain On Your Charade, the two sit near the edge of a cliff together, watching the sunset and confiding to one another. Balloon complains that OJ declines his sorrows and apologies for him, because he only cares about Balloon to not only starts over with him, but also with the others. After the flashback, Balloon mistakenly saying that OJ won't let him talk, and begins to cry, saying that nobody cares about him. Suitcase says that she cares.

In Kick the Bucket, Suitcase and Balloon are seen together speculating about the next challenge. How close Suitcase and Balloon are concerned Nickel, who feared that the alliance might be harmed by him. When Suitcase swam out of the water, Balloon asked her whether she was alright. At the elimination in part two, Balloon tried to protect Suitcase by concealing the fact that Suitcase voted out Nickel. When Balloon leaves, he thanks Suitcase, making her emotional. 

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