Hey! There's something LIVING inside there! Are you out of your mind?!

—Fan, "Cooking for the Grater Good"

The Alien Egg is a green-striped egg found on Mars by Apple in Marsh on Mars. Once the challenge ends, Fan decides to foster the egg.

In The Series

The Alien Egg was originally discovered on Mars in Marsh on Mars, mistakenly interpreted as Marshmallow by Apple. Apple then takes the egg back to the island, where she discovers that Marshmallow is safe. MePhone4 questions The Bright Lights where they got the egg, but immediately disregards it. Despite MePad's warning, Fan announces that he will keep the egg for company.


MePhone4 questions where the egg came from.

The egg is not seen again until Cooking for the Grater Good, where Lightbulb attempts to break it open to use as protein for her pizza, although Fan quickly snatches the egg back from her.

In A Kick in the Right Direction, Fan carries the egg 


Fan screams at Lightbulb when she wants to make the egg an ingredient for her pizza.

with him as he yells at MePhone4 about Bow's absence, noting that he didn't want his egg to hatch into a "subpar Bow-less season".

In Other Media

The Alien Egg is analyzed by Fan in his second blog, appropriately titled An Eggscellent New Entry, where he mentions "the stripes (on the egg) look eerily similar to the mountains on the island!".