"Afterlife in The Limelight" was a musical number heard in Kick the Bucket. It was composed by Katya Richardson, Ben Cross, and Logan Nelson. It was produced by Morgan Hesmondhalgh, also known as Zerocakes. Brian Koch is also credited with providing lyrics.

The song is sung by Bow and Marshmallow, voiced respectively by Taylor Grodin and Dee Cashin.


Bow : Contestants get to have all the fun!

If you're on the show you've already won!

Now that I no longer compete, I feel incomplete.

Taking part in the action made for easy interaction with friends,

And nothing was the same once it wasn't just a game.

I never wanted it to end.

I hope that I could feel alive again!

[Piano Music]

Marshmallow: Contestants are divided for fun.

They face challenges that are never done.

Since every single person you meet could cause your defeat.

All they want is your reaction, you become a fraction, a blend.

Between who you really are and what you know could get you far.

It's not meant for us to transcend.

We have someone upon whom we depend...

Bow and Marshmallow: We have someone upon whom we depend...

In fact when I

Think of that life

It isn't really living... all...

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