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A Party is the third musical number overall in Inanimate Insanity. It was heard in Mazed and Confused. The song was composed and produced by Morgan Hesmondhalgh, also known as Zerocakes on YouTube. Brian Koch provided the voice for Starfruit, who was the main singer for this song, and wrote the lyrics for it.

A Party was sung before and as the credit rolls. The song, unlike the others, has proved itself to have a great impact on the contestants and the possible future of the storyline in general, as it seemingly bonded the characters together during the concert, most notably Marshmallow looking at her drawing of Bow in sorrow.



I woke up when it was morning.

It was a day like any other day.

I had a bad time 'cause I couldn't rhyme.

But then I could when I saw her,

walking down the the street.

I was alone, alone!

But she made me feel like, I wasn't, wasn't.

She made me see that I needed her,

but can't you see?

She broke my heart on the beat, oh- woah!

All I want do is go to a party! Party! Yeah!

And the party never ends! And I don't know what to do.

Until you are right beside me and,

With or without you, I'd be,

down on my knees,

but not really 'cause I have trouble bending, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah!

A party that's, never ending!

To get my mind, I'll ask you one last time off of you, you, you, you!

You try to take me down by hanging around me,

trying to keep me from being who I wanna be!

I gave you so many, many chances,

but I always, enjoyed your glances.

But now you know what?

My goals are simple now.

What else can I do, than the only thing I know how?

Portuguese Translation

Acordei quando foi de manhã.

Foi um dia como qualquer outro dia.

Tive um mau momento, porque eu não conseguia rimar.

Mas então eu poderia vê-la,

descendo a rua.

Eu estava sozinha, sozinha!

Mas ela me fez sentir como se eu não fosse, não era.

Ela me fez ver que eu precisava dela,

Mas você não vê?

Ela partiu meu coração na batida, Ah-woah!

Tudo o que quero fazer é ir a uma festa! Festa! Sim!

E a festa nunca acaba! E não sei o que fazer.

Até que você esteja ao meu lado e,

Com ou sem você, eu seria,

para baixo em meus joelhos,

Mas não muito porque tenho dificuldade em dobra, Sim-Sim-Sim-Sim!

Um partido que, nunca acaba!

Para obter a minha mente, eu vou pedir a você uma última vez fora devocê, você, você, você!

Você tenta me derrubar por enforcamento em torno de mim,

tentando me impedir de ser quem eu quero ser!

Eu te dei muitas, muitas chances,

Mas sempre, gostei de seus olhares.

Mas agora você sabe o que?

Agora, meus objetivos são simples.

O que mais posso fazer, do que a única coisa que eu sei como?

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