(The scene starts off at Paper and Baseball)

Baseball: Oh my gosh, this is, this is disgusting! I mean, storks aren't real.

Paper: Urn! I hate this place! I've already been there for 3 MONTHS! I swear! When I get out of here, I'm going to kill somebody!

Baseball: Oh my gosh, calm down. I'm sure MePhone will.

Paper: Don't even speak of that monster! He's trapped up in here! Besides... I'm more of a fanny and joy...

Baseball: Oh my gosh, just shut UP!!!

Paper: Whatever...

(Lightbulb falls into Idiotic island)

(Lightbulb Shatters)

Paper: Oh, and another victim is here. How delightful.

(The Chinese food hit's Baseball)

(The Intro)

(The phone rings)

MePhone4: Hello?

Adam: Hey man, it's your producer, Adam!

MePhone4: Oh, hey Adam. How's it going?

Adam: Well, we, kinda... aren't ready for a new episode right now.

MePhone4: What? Why?!?

Adam: Do you even know how hard it is? To obtain 1,000 pounds of Guacamole? In 1 month?

MePhone4: I know! I know! But now what do we do?

Adam: Well, don't you have those fan created contestants back stage?

MePhone4: Yeah?

Adam: So, bring them out, and show the fans of ten to have a chance of joining the game! Duh...

MePhone4: Okay, I got it.

(He drops the phone)

(Camera shows the Guacamole)

MePhone4: Hello all fans and subscribers! As you know, we had a little contest, where we let the fans addition their own contestants. We chose 10 contestants that we liked the best. We'll give them all a couple of words, and lets see them. TV

TV: I have like 1008 channels!

MePhone4: Apple!

Apple: So where am I again?

MePhone4: You're on the set of I.I.

Apple: What's I.I.?

MePhone4: Poptart.

Poptart: Sure I'm pink, but I'm so manly enough to win this.

MePhone4: Teddy...

Teddy Bear: I'm so soft, and cute, aren't I?

(It shows Magnifying Glass; there's silence)

MePhone4: Cookie!

Cookie: haga-shouagh-a-va!

MePhone4: Spikey, Mervert?

Spikey Mervert: (Heavy breathing)

MePhone4: 'Kay? 8-Ball

8-Ball: My favorite number is 79.

MePhone4: Dictionary!

Dictionary: I could really help with English homework.

MePhone4: And Bell!

Bell: Ding! ... uh yeah.

MePhone4: And that's it! If you saw your contestant, That's means you have a chance at joining the game! If not, better luck next time. Any-who, next episode, These 10 will compete for a spot on the show! So see ya next time on October 1st!

Apple: So uh... What's the definition of Apple again?

Dictionary (or Book): If you look it up, It says that Apple is an idiotic fruit with a VERY low I.Q.

If you vote for any contestant, it will not count for anything because it is NOT A VOTE! NO VOTING! I know you like voting but it isn't allowed this month. Perhaps you can next month.(fin)